Product Testing

New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association (LASRA)
Test review by: Peter Roy, Senior Technical Officer (Mechanical),
November 2013

Pellé Leather Cleaner
• Our tests found the Pellé Cleaner removed more soiling than a commercial detergent

We noted the Pellé Cleaner had deep cleaning ability, in that soiling was removed from the pores of the skin

The results also show that the Pellé Cleaner works even faster on leathers which had previously been treated with Pellé Conditioner / Protector

• Pellé Leather Cleaner returned sample semi-aniline leather to near original colour (4-5 using the grey scale standard) after 6,000 cycles using Martindale abrasion with soiling cloth – using Pellé Conditioner / Protector as well enhanced this result.

Pellé Leather Conditioner / Protector
• In one case (modified Martindale abrasion test), we found 5 x improvement of wear life on leathers treated with Pellé Conditioner / Protector

• The Pellé Conditioner / Protector was found to improve rub fastness and abrasion resistance on all test leathers

• Test results show that Pellé Conditioner / Protector slowed the rate of soiling

• Test results show that cleaning of leathers treated with Pellé Conditioner / Protector is more effective and quicker than cleaning leather not pre-treated with conditioner / protector.

Pellé Care System – using Cleaner & Conditioner / Protector
• Using a modified Martindale abrasion test, leather treated with Pellé Cleaner and Conditioner / Protector recorded 5 times the abrasion resistance levels than non-treated leather

• When tested, leather treated with Pellé Leather Cleaner and Conditioner / Protector was able to pass double the requirements of the international standard (ISO 13336) specification for furniture leather rub fastness using test method ISO 11640

• White aniline Deer skin was returned to near original colour (4-5 using the grey scale) when treated with Pellé Leather Cleaner and Conditioner / Protector. Using standard household detergent only achieved a 3-4 and will also have damaged the leather finish.

Pellé Leather Revitaliser
• Using a waxed and oiled pull-up type finished leather, after 1,500 Martindale abrasion cycles the leather finish was damaged to grey scale grade 2. When revitaliser was applied to the damaged area, the leather was restored to within grey scale grade 4 to 5 of its original colour. Near complete restoration occurred