Q: Can I use Pellé furniture upholstery products on my car seats, boots, shoes and leather accessories?

A: Yes, you can but Pellé also produce specialist cleaning and protection products for these items. 

Q: Does Pellé product meet International and Australia / New Zealand standards?

A: Yes, Pellé products are regularlytested by LASRA (New Zealand Leather& Shoe Research Association) against current Australia / New Zealand and International quality standards. In fact, the Australia / New Zealand standards for Leather Upholstery Care were establishedand created using Pellé product

Q: Can Pellé repair my damaged leather furniture, car seat, shoes or bag?

A: Yes, we have a colouring and repair service. Please contact our technicians who will provide advice. If Pellé cannot undertake the repair ourselves, we have a network of repairers we can direct you to.

Q: Are Pellé products produced in New Zealand

A; Yes, all Pellé products are formulated and packed in New Zealand at our Timaru factory

Q; Are Pellé products safe for my family?

A: Yes, Pellé products can be confidently used on family furniture and articles. All Pellé products are regarded as non-Toxic and have Material Data safety Sheets available.

Q: Are Pellé products independently tested for quality?

A: Yes, all Pellé products is tested against relevant quality standards by an internationally accredited independent testing authority, the New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association

Q: Does Pellé produce products for fabric protection and cleaning?

A: Yes, Pellé has a range of product specifically produced for protecting, spot cleaning and deodorising carpet, rugs, window furnishing and fabric automotive upholstery.

Q: Is Pellé Care Products Limited a New Zealand owned and operated company?

A: Yes, the company began business in 1985 and is still 100% New Zealand owned and operated. All manufacturing and packing is carried out in Timaru, Sth Canterbury.

Q: Can I buy Pellé products outside New Zealand?

A: Yes, simply visit our online shop for details and pricing.

Q: Does Pellé produce products to protect and care for saddles, tack and other equestrian leather products?

A: Yes, Pellé produces a specialised range of product specifically formulated for use on equestrian products 

Q: Does Pellé produce products to nourish and protect outdoor hiking and work boots?

A: Yes, Pellé produces a specialised range of products specifically formulated to protect and care for outdoor and adventure boots and equipment.