Refreshing sun damaged Leather

If the damage is already done, it’s not too late to try to reverse it. Leather that is sun-damaged often appears stiff, faded, or even tacky. Over time, it will start to crack if not properly treated. Here’s how to restore leather after it’s been discolored or damaged by the hot summer sun: 

1. Clean the leather thoroughly
In most cases, this starts with a good vacuum so you can get in all the crevices of your leather furniture or car seats — you want to remove any loose dirt or dust. Once you’ve done so, wipe down the leather with Pelle Leather Cleaner. You should not have to scrub — in fact, doing so can cause more damage. A gentle wipe of the leather using a lint-free application cloth will quickly and easily remove dirt from the surface. Once the leather is clean, allow it to dry completely. 

2. Condition the leather with a leather conditioner

Once the leather is dry, you can apply Pelle Leather Conditioner, which penetrates into the leather’s pores to hydrate the individual fibers. This boosts the color and restores the lost moisture, reversing the stiffness and dry appearance that the sun can cause. Apply a thin, even coat of the leather conditioner and allow it to dry for at least two hours (preferably overnight). If the leather absorbs the conditioner quickly or still appears dry once the conditioner has absorbed, it’s a good sign you need a second coat. Severely sun-damaged leather will drink up the leather conditioner. 

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