Fabric Furniture Cleaning

Fabric Furniture
We suggest these 2 products maintain the look and life of the fabric on furniture: Pelle Fabric Protector and Pelle Spot Cleaner:

Pellé Fabric Protector provides an effective barrier and protection from spills, stains dirt and grime for most household fabrics.

For use on furniture, bedding, flooring or any other fabric article.

Suitable for use on acrylics, synthetics, cotton, wool, canvas, polypropylene and velvet (note: follow instructions on the bottle and test for colour fastness prior to use)

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Pellé Fabric Spot Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove targeted stains and grime from fabrics.

For use on furniture, bedding, flooring or any other fabric article. Suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Suitable for use on wool (including carpets), synthetics, cotton, canvas and other fabrics (note: follow instructions on the bottle and test for colour fastness prior to use).

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Furniture Cleaning

Pelle Leather Cleaner

Pellé Leather Cleaner is specifically formulated to deep clean finished and waxed oiled leather upholstery – removing body oils, grease and dirt without damaging or denaturing the leather finish as household cleaners do.

When used in conjunction with Pellé Leather Conditioner/Protector or Revitaliser has been proven to extend wear life of upholstery leather up to five times.


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Fabric Protector and Spot cleaner

Our unique Fabric Protector and Spot cleaner are two products you need to have in your arsenal of cleaning products this Festive Season. You never know when you may need it, but should you do - it’s ready to perform.



Spring is here!

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What better time to schedule in a thorough clean of one of your homes greatest assets - your leather furniture.

Not only is a leather couch more affordable these days the fact is, leather furniture is something you buy for a lifetime ( as long as you look after it).

Since leather is a natural product, aging brings out its natural patina, making it even more beautiful over time. And since leather furniture is something you can enjoy for years to come, this is a purchase that makes a sound investment.

To preserve this investment the use of a good leather conditioner is recommended every 6 -12 months. Our Pelle cleaning and conditioning products have been formulated to do just that.

Our cleaning systems are also non-toxic and safe for use on everyday household and personal clothing items, with some products containing anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents for you and your families protection.

To make a start on your “Spring Clean” order your leather conditioners and protection from our online store www.pellecare.co.nz/productrange.

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We are offering all our clients this great deal! An opportune time to stock up on all your favourite leather care products. Purchase 9 products and you will receive the 10th one FREE! Call us on 0800 102 794 to purchase yours today!

Passed with flying colours


Product testing for Pelle Care

New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association (LASRA)
Test review by: Peter Roy, Senior Technical Officer (Mechanical),
November 2013


Pellé Leather Cleaner

Our tests found the Pellé Cleaner removed more soiling than a commercial detergent. We noted the Pellé Cleaner had deep cleaning ability, in that soiling was removed from the pores of the skin

The results also show that the Pellé Cleaner works even faster on leathers which had previously been treated with Pellé Conditioner / Protector

• Pellé Leather Cleaner returned sample semi-aniline leather to near original colour (4-5 using the grey scale standard) after 6,000 cycles using Martindale abrasion with soiling cloth – using Pellé Conditioner / Protector as well enhanced this result.

Pellé Leather Conditioner / Protector

 White aniline Deer skin was returned to near original colour (4-5 using the grey scale) when treated with Pellé Leather Cleaner and Conditioner / Protector. Using standard household detergent only achieved a 3-4 and will also have damaged the leather finish.

Pellé Leather Revitaliser

 Using a waxed and oiled pull-up type finished leather, after 1,500 Martindale abrasion cycles the leather finish was damaged to grey scale grade 2. When revitaliser was applied to the damaged area, the leather was restored to within grey scale grade 4 to 5 of its original colour. Near complete restoration occurred.

For more information on the quality of our products, pkease folllow this link  www.pellecare.co.nz/product-testing


storing for Winter


Winter Preparation



As  the weather cools now is a great  time to think about tucking up your baby for the cold Winter months.

The perfect way to protect that lovingly restored uplholstery on your covertible is to give the leather a good once over with our leather care cleaner and to finish with our leather conditioner and then protect her with pelle leather care protector.

This way you will know she will be in Mint condition when you pull her out of the garage for next Summer!

Welcome 2017

Design interior lobby hotel

Welcome to 2017 

As our Summer holidays draw to a close, I reminisce about the many fabulous hotels and accommodation providers that will be looking forward to a well earned breather after the craziness of the Christmas Period.

Time to take stock of the wear and tear on your guest furniture especially in high usage areas as lobbies and foyers.

Our top end accommodation providers choose to use leather chairs and couches mainly due to its good looks and durability, outlasting many of its contemporaries.

However to keep your chosen pieces Shabby Chic rather than just plain shabby, you will be needing a proven leather care system - Cleaner, conditioner and protector to safeguard your investment.

Our Pelle Care Range is easy to use and “Eco- Friendly” we are the “Go To” product for many households and large companies to keep their leather looking as fresh as they day they bought it.
Our online store makes it that bit more easier to purchase and have it delivered directly to you. 

Check out our store today. www.pellecare.co.nz

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